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Conference Reservation Form

This form is required to schedule audio only conferences.

Completing this form reserves and schedules the audio conferences system.  It does not book the room itself.  If you require a conference room, you must book the room through the administrative office in that area. 

You will be sent confirmation of your scheduled audio conferences at the email address you provide.  You will be provided with connection information to allow callers to connect to your conference.

Please Note: Only one form is needed per conference session, there is no need for multiple forms from each conference connection or dial-in point.

You will receive a confirmation email with connection information by the end of next business day.
If you need immediate assistance, please contact the Customer Support Center Helpdesk at 209.946.7400 and Press 2 when Prompted.

Room #1 Information

Room #1 is the room that you, as the requestor, will be using. If you are requesting an audio-only and are not using a conference room, choose "N/A - Audio Only" from the room drop down menu.

Conference Date:
Start Time:
End Time:
Meeting Name:
Requestor's Name:
Phone Number:
Contact Person:
Contact Email Address:
Contact Person Phone Number:

Please Enter any Additional Information as Needed: